Couples, Head Shots, Women


I work with the client at my Studio, their home or other locations, including a park with a pond, gazebo , little bridge, a farm with horses, barn and split rail fence, an herb garden, and a rustic dock on the wetlands. I favor very natural environments. I'm also open to having the session at the client's home, or another location that is particularly meaningful to them.

In the past, we've all had photographs taken of us, which were not flattering, where something was out of balance. I use portrait lenses, good body placement, and features of the environment to obtain a natural and harmonious look.

The teaching session focuses on positioning of one's body and is based on the "lock and key" posing methodology. An understanding of natural and graceful body positions can be critical to creating appealing composition. If feet are placed correctly, the rest of one's body will follow. Proper hand position is also important for success. Clothing is another factor in good portrait design, which we cover during the pre-portrait consultation.

Above all, expression is the most important element of a portrait. Our session is casual, relaxed, and a lot of fun. This helps to open up the window to our inner selves

I offer special pricing for couples to do an engagement session, which is not just strictly to get photographs. It is really a teaching session.