It is a joy to capture the spirit of a child on film. Children are so adorable and lively, with a fresh and happy outlook on life. In addition, photographs of children are well received by the whole family, often becoming family heirlooms.

Photographing children can be especially challenging. Some kids are shy, others outgoing, and some very rambunctious. The key to my success is in making friends with your child. I love children, and they feel this.

I start each session by having fun and playing with your children. When we go to the camera room, we continue playing during the shoot. Parents are invited to join us, but sometimes this encourages kids to act out. In these cases, parents often wait outside while I get beautiful portraits, either photojournalistic or posed.

Although we have fun, I don't expect people to always smile in their photographs, just as people don't walk around with smiles on their faces all day. Serious pictures of children can be the finest. We show a thousand faces in a day, and my goal is to portray the real person.

Toys or gifts from the family that is familiar to your children serve as good props to further personalize their portraits. In addition, I have lots of props and clothing for children at the studio.

Most baby photography is best done in the studio. But as your children get a bit older, its also fabulous to photograph them outdoors, involved in activities in a beautiful environmental setting.