Our pets are extremely valuable to us, often to the extent of being regarded as our "children". They are beautiful creatures, giving comfort to everyone, and exhibiting a lot of human-like qualities.

Clients can bring their pets to the studio for portraiture. I've had people bring as many as five pets, because these were their five "children". The photographs of these two ferrets, a cat, a yellow lab puppy, and a mature black lab came out fabulous! I can also go on location to a client's home, or a place like the ocean or a park where a pet can be included in a group portrait.

There is a different way to light animals. Their fur absorbs light, so they need an appropriate combination of hard, back, and side lighting. Catch lights in their eyes really help to make them look alive, rather than like stuffed animals.

I encourage owners to be in their pets' portraits because it ends up having a lot of meaning for them.