"A Portrait,” by definition, should portray. It should go beyond showing just a view of a face to reveal the soul of a person. Anyone with a camera can take a picture, but it takes a special degree of sensitivity to create an image that stirs the emotion of the viewer.

My goal for everyone who sits before the camera is to bring out the inner beauty and personality each of us shares. It might mean showing the closeness of a family, the bonding between a mother and child, or the love shared by a couple.

Creating a great portrait goes far beyond using the 'right' camera, or knowing all the 'tricks' to make people smile. It requires supreme command of the craft and tools, plus a strong commitment to excellence in every detail. Quality never goes out of style.

When I create your portraits, I strive to earn your trust by working with you every step of the way. This personal approach will make your photographs unique and special."

Susann Gude, award-winning Professional Master Photographer and owner of Gude Photography located in Brookhaven, New York, has devoted herself to creating timeless portraits of life that reflect our dreams and hopes, the lives we live, and our futures, all captured in one single moment...forever lasting.

Ms. Gude, a native Long Islander, has lived in California and traveled abroad. With 35 years experience as a photographer, Susann's studio has been successful for over 25 years.

She has a special talent in photographing little children, including mother and baby portraiture. Equally spectacular are her works of families set on beautiful locations with nature in full bloom. Pet Photography is an additional element of Susann's artistic talents.


As a Professional Master Photographer, Susann belongs to the following societies and associations of the trade:

    * Professional Photographers of America, PPA

    * Suffolk Photography Guild of New York, SPGNY

    * Professional Photographers of Greater New York Area, PPGNY

    * Professional Photographers State of New York

    * Professional Photographers Association of New England


    * 14 General Collection Professional Photographers of America National Awards

    * 3 New York State Court Of Honor Awards

    * 2 National Loan Collection Awards

    * 2 Kodak Gallery Awards


  1. *Certified Professional Photographer, Professional Photographers of America, PPA

  2. *Master of Photography, Professional Photographers of America

  3. *Professor SUNY Farmingdale

  4. *BOCES

  5. *SCOPE

All images Copyright © 2010 by Gude Photography

Any duplication is prohibited.

Phone: (631) 654-8093

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